About Us

an original, twice a month podcast series by Bill Fountain
Season One features sixteen, 30 minute episodes.
WHAT IS IT? A MYSTERIOUS GUMBO is an original ongoing audio series that follows a traveling writer who becomes entangled in a series of bizarre adventures with strange occurrences, eclectic characters, and dark, sinister forces trying to rip off all of our faces from beyond a deep rip in time and space. It’s also kind of fun. New chapters every first and third Thursday of the month!

The first season story is called “THE SINISTER MUCK” and features a very weird and entertaining adventure, as well as an incredibly talented cast of voices!

So tune in, subscribe, become the envy of all your friends. Become the one they all look up to. Become the one that eventually becomes their leader. Become the one that abuses their new powers over their friends to control them, to take away their free will, to mold them to your tyrannical will. Become the one that rules them with an iron fist. Become the one who slowly but surely turns their love, admiration and respect into loathing and utter hatred. Become the one they meet in secret to plot your ultimate demise. Yes. All that and more when you tune in and subscribe to our cute little podcast.

Written and Produced by Bill Fountain